Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trade Show, Day Two

Today is the super busy day for the three of us. We each have a whopping 5 classes today and then tonight is the Make and Take Frenzy where most of the vendors have tables with make and takes set up in the big ballroom. To keep us going, there's a huge table in the middle of the room loaded down with awesome desserts. I'm going to try really hard to fit lots of blogging into that schedule, so check back often!
As promised yesterday, here is a picture of one of the Gift Card Holders I made in the Outlines class. (It's very difficult to get the full effect of Outlines online as you can't see all the layering). This card is done with basically one stamp (the "dad" stamp is separate). What you can't really see is that this is a "regular card" that opens with a nice sentiment inside. The front has a pocket where the gift card fits, and the "dad" is actually a tab that helps you pull the gift card out of the pocket. It's just awesome! The class I'm doing May 19 will feature stamps that are more "generic", so they could be used for virtually any occasion. I truly can't wait!


Cassi said...

Good Morning Gals-- Have someone take your pic today and post it to the blog-o! :)

Ingrid said...

I know that online pictures aren't the same as seeing the item in person, but when you read your description of the Dad Outlines card, I can see those details. It's a terrific card and nice to see something more male friendly.

Deirdre H. said...

Since gift cards seem to be what most people want this will make it a true gift! Great card!

Update from Virginia ... I got to the store just after 10 and it was packed! Angela - Yes - I bought the cutter today ... and got the magazine with Mary Jo's copics article. It was gray & rainy all day - a great day to be inside shopping and crafting!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Angela, I can't believe how easy it was to locate your blog. It is great. Had a wonderful time seeing everyone at the Collins/Gilman Show.
I was home by 6 with the start of a cold. Glad people seem excited about the Gift Card Holder. I still want to make more samples. The more I talked about it the more ideas can into my head. We would love to see what you do in the class. Send us some photos or post them on our Facebook Page!
Good to see you.
Marianne from Outlines