Tips and Tricks for parking at the store:

Park on the side or rear of the Carpool building

Do not park in the Comfort Inn lot- they will tow

If there are no spaces on the side of the building or the back, park in the lot that has the 7-11 and Outback.  You can park in the spots just on the other side of the Comfort Inn, and the walk is about the same distance as parking in the back of the building.

Easiest days for parking:
Sunday- by far the easiest day.  The chiropractors and pharmacy are both closed, and you can park in their spots right out front.  They don't tow when they are not open.

Saturday- Carpool sometimes has events, but they normally don't open until 6pm, so there are lots of spots.

Back Stairs:
Did you know there are stairs right next to our door that will let you exit the building into the back parking lot?  You can't enter the building through that door, but you can leave the building for a shortcut to the parking.  All you have to do is take the stairs to the very bottom and walk out the back door.

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