Monday, June 30, 2014

Chalk it up!

Perhaps you are fans of the VersaMagic Chalk ink pad or the Clearsnap Chalk inkpad (can you say Chestnut Roan?). 

But did you know the very first chalk inkpad was Fresco?  It is different from the two chalk pads I mentioned above, because it is a dye-based inkpad and the other two are pigment.  While they dry to a matte finish, they don't have the same "chalky appearance" that the Frescos have.  In fact, Fresco pads recreate the subtle chalking colors and mottled matte finish of the Renaissance classics.  

Stop in Tuesday between 12 & 2 and compare the differences between the Chalk pads.  I think you will really like the effect you get with Fresco.  You'll see how easy it is (because of the hard felt pad that dye inks have) to highlight embossed images.  Come see me!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

New Waxed Linen Colors

Attention Bookbinders and friends who love the detail of waxed linen thread - we have 3 new colors to add to the family!  They are yummy:  Magenta, Green and Lemon Yellow!

Plus, we restocked the other 33 colors, so we are ready for a summer of crafting!  If you've never tried bookbinding, and want to start with an easy project, why not take Angela's Piano Hinge class on Saturday, July 19.  It's a lot of fun and much easier than it looks!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cards for Men!

We love the new "ship series" of images from Impression Obsession.  They are stunningly detailed, and yet require very little work to color.  And - they make great cards for men (which is no easy feat!!!)

Join us for this Thursday's FREE make-and-take card featuring one of these new stamps.  We'll create a background wash using Distress Ink Pads and a reservoir brush.  This is a fantastic all-occasion card, so make sure you stop by between 10 & 8 to make one for yourself!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Look Inside

Well, it is that time again to show you a few things from the store.

The first thing I want to show you is some confetti/embellishments Deb made using a die from Mama Elephant. It has hearts, stars and sequins in various sizes. Sequins are so popular right now, and you can make your own in any color you want. Deb used an assortment of paper scraps and Shimmer Sheets to get an interesting mix of colors and shininess.

Angela demoed Wink of Stella and Wink of Luna pens today. As you can see, we received a large shipment of all the colors. If you couldn't come today, Angela has made a demo book that is available for all customers to peruse at the store. You can look at her samples and even take home a copy of her written instructions for future reference. If you haven't made use of the demo book yet, be sure to ask for it the next time you are at the store.

We have been talking a lot about the Peerless Watercolors that arrived at the store. The flowers above were made by Patti Leon, one of our very own customers. Aren't they vibrant and gorgeous? The flowers are by Sweet'n Sassy, and she embossed them with white powder before coloring them in with the paints.

The next card is one I made using a truck image and saying by Impression Obsession. The paints blend beautifully.

And what is this? Three new sets of mini Distress Ink pads arrived! Do you need to add to your collection?



Monday, June 23, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things!

For Tuesday's Learn at Lunch demo, we are playing with two of my favorite pens - the Signo White UniBall Gel pen and the Wink of LUNA.  We've used the Wink of Stella before, but the Wink of Luna is a bit different.  Instead of being a glitter pen, it's a metallic.  Wonderfully opaque and quick drying.  It will rapidly become one of your favorite things, too!

Stop in Tuesday between 12 & 2 and give them both a try.  And don't blame me if you leave singing :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Verses Trunk Show and Make and Take

This Thursday's FREE make-and-take project is extra special!  It features stamps from one of our favorite companies - Verses Rubber Stamps.  Lots of companies have great stamp images, but it's not always easy to find the best words to express what you want to say.  Verses is known for that, and we'll have tons of their stamps to choose from in a special TRUNK SHOW extravaganza!  We hope you'll join us Thursday to make this card and browse all the fabulous words and phrases and sentiments.  The make-and-take is only Thursday, but we'll have the Trunk Show available all weekend.  And, if you stop by, you'll have a chance to take home some extra treats and prizes.  It will be a fun weekend!  Join us!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brand New!

We are very, very happy that our new Peerless Watercolors just arrived!  These paints are intensely concentrated mineral dies that are going to add a "pop" and "wow" factor to your projects.

Peerless Watercolors have been around for over 100 years and each palette is still made by hand.  The original "complete edition" comes with 15 colors to get you started.  I included a picture above, but it just doesn't capture the vibrancy of the colors. The intro pack retails for $14.

If the original 15 colors aren't enough for you, we bought more colors!  Peerless makes a 40 color bonus color pack (shown on the left) in both a large and small size.  We decided to purchase the large size for the store because the small pack costs an extra $8 to have the colors labeled on the back and retails for about $30.  For $40, you can get the large pack that has more than twice the amount of paint than the small pack, and the labeling is included in the price.  Why not put your money towards paint instead of labeling?

If you don't want the large bonus pack, we also have the Joanne color pack that includes a subset of the colors that come in the bonus pack.  It also retails for $14.

The paints themselves come on sheets of paper the size of a check.  You are definitely going to make yourself a color chart like the ones I made so that you can see what the colors look like when used.

Want to expand what you can do with the Peerless paints?  Why not try their transparent metallic washes?  You mix them with the Peerless watercolors to make your own metallic watercolors.  Here is what Peerless says about the metallics:
"We offer 3 different metallic washes. Each wash is transparent with metallic shimmer. The shimmer is not as thick and grainy as glitter. It is a perfect formula of shine and shimmer that can enhance any surface. Mix Peerless Transparent Metallics with your favorite Peerless Color and create your OWN metallic color"

New paints not enough for you?  How about brand new products from Penny Black?  There are brand new critters and floral images in both stamps and dies.  Wonderful!

Finally, sequins are showing up EVERYWHERE!  This assorted pack from Doodlebug is definitely going to let you add bling to everything you make.

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Techniques with an Old Friend

Alcohol Inks have been around for several years.  They are wonderful for use on non-porous surfaces, and we've done a lot with them in the past on Glossy Paper and dominos, etc.  But did you know you could create a watercolor wash effect on watercolor paper????  Friends, that's a porous surface!!!  And, because they are translucent, they don't get muddy as they mix and spread. 

I've also loved playing with them on Vertigo film, and blowing on them with the Distress Marker Spritzer to create new and interesting patterns.

If you haven't pulled out your alcohol inks in a while, stop in this Tuesday between 12 & 2 and get inspired!  And, if you've never played with them before, well, all the better!  You will fall in love! 

The demo is free and you don't need to pre-register.  Come on in!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ahhhh, summer!

I love how "happy" this card is!  The colors alone make me smile - and the sentiment - well, who wouldn't want to hear that????  Maybe it's that combination (the colors and the word "goodness") that makes me think of a double-scoop ice cream cone.  Ahhhhh, summer!

Join us Thursday between 10 & 8 to make this FREE card.  We're playing with coordinating stamps from Hero Arts and the absolutely fabulous embossing powder from WOW!  Can I just tell you, if you're going to name yourself "WOW!", you better be good!  And they do live up to their name (oh, the pressure!!!!  I think I need some ice cream.)

See you Thursday!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Adhesive Embossing Powder

 Join Angela this Tuesday between 12 & 2 and find out more about Adhesive Embossing Powder.  Apply it like "regular" embossing powder, but once it's heated, it's sticky.  You can use it to stamp images and then adhere glitter, flocking, gold leaf and even microbeads.  Angela will teach you some tricks for using the powder effectively (don't overheat, use more solid stamps, ink twice, reheat.... too much to type) that will have you stamping and sticking everything!!!!

The demo is FREE and no registration is required.  See you there!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Changes they are a comin'

You will notice some changes in the store if you stop in this weekend.  We are moving things about!  This picture shows the space we are creating for several of our unmounted companies that are very popular.  We put them together in a nice bright spot.  We carved out a space for Hero Arts on the wall over by Pink Ink, and put much of the mixed media together.  Adhesives are near the classroom in case you need extra supplies while taking a class.  Good day to come on in and how we're making room for all the new items that are arriving daily.  And feel free to give a shout out to the Happy helpers for all their hard work.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's part of the Birthday Suit!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Shades of Blue

"Ombre" is a fancy French word for color that is shaded or graduated in tone.  You see ombre in fashion, art and even hair color!  I love the look, and the Adirondack Inkpads make it easy to achieve!  These monochromatic dye inks shade beautifully, and the colors are meant to blend into one another.  Simply pick the family of color that you like, and then get the "Light", "Bright" and "Earthtone" in that family.  A little sponge action and you've achieved ombre :-)  I like the look "solid", and I also love using it with stencils.  Stop in Tuesday between 12 & 2 and give it a try for yourself!