Reserve the Classroom

One of the great features about our new location is that we have lots of windows and sunlight.  It is a much happier area to craft.  You are welcome to come in anytime to craft at the store whenever there isn't a class, make and take or demo taking place.  This is a free service, but you take your chances on whether or not we will need the space.

You can also reserve the room for your crafting group.  This is a fantastic option since we have the space, the light, and you keep the mess out of your home!  You are also welcome to use our fridge and microwave if you decide to bring food and/or drinks with you.  We also have a box of take out menus if your group decides to have food delivered to the store.

Full day reservation - $10 per guest
Half-day reservation- $5 per guest

Call the store for more information or to reserve the classroom.  (703)657-2952

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