Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brand New!

We are very, very happy that our new Peerless Watercolors just arrived!  These paints are intensely concentrated mineral dies that are going to add a "pop" and "wow" factor to your projects.

Peerless Watercolors have been around for over 100 years and each palette is still made by hand.  The original "complete edition" comes with 15 colors to get you started.  I included a picture above, but it just doesn't capture the vibrancy of the colors. The intro pack retails for $14.

If the original 15 colors aren't enough for you, we bought more colors!  Peerless makes a 40 color bonus color pack (shown on the left) in both a large and small size.  We decided to purchase the large size for the store because the small pack costs an extra $8 to have the colors labeled on the back and retails for about $30.  For $40, you can get the large pack that has more than twice the amount of paint than the small pack, and the labeling is included in the price.  Why not put your money towards paint instead of labeling?

If you don't want the large bonus pack, we also have the Joanne color pack that includes a subset of the colors that come in the bonus pack.  It also retails for $14.

The paints themselves come on sheets of paper the size of a check.  You are definitely going to make yourself a color chart like the ones I made so that you can see what the colors look like when used.

Want to expand what you can do with the Peerless paints?  Why not try their transparent metallic washes?  You mix them with the Peerless watercolors to make your own metallic watercolors.  Here is what Peerless says about the metallics:
"We offer 3 different metallic washes. Each wash is transparent with metallic shimmer. The shimmer is not as thick and grainy as glitter. It is a perfect formula of shine and shimmer that can enhance any surface. Mix Peerless Transparent Metallics with your favorite Peerless Color and create your OWN metallic color"

New paints not enough for you?  How about brand new products from Penny Black?  There are brand new critters and floral images in both stamps and dies.  Wonderful!

Finally, sequins are showing up EVERYWHERE!  This assorted pack from Doodlebug is definitely going to let you add bling to everything you make.

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