Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And The Winners Are.....

Thanks to everyone who followed along and cheered us on our marathon class-taking and shopping trip! We are all back safe and, more or less, sound :-) Wild Hare and Marilynn arrived back Sunday night on one of the bumpiest and scariest flights they've ever had. Marilynn described their posture as that of one of those stuffed Garfield cats that hang with suction cups to the back of a car window. That's not a pretty picture. My flight back late last night was not bumpy, but the air conditioning was broken. So, it was hotter than H-E-Double hockey sticks. Anyway, we're back and now waiting anxiously for the boxes to start arriving!

But, on to more important matters. The winners of our Blog Candy contest are:

Ladies, please contact me so that I know you will be in to pick up your prizes. I'll have them behind the counter with your names on them by late tomorrow afternoon. Congratulations!


Leslie Hanna said...

Am I the right Leslie?!?!? I won something?!?!? I almost NEVER win anything! Woo-hoo! Ahem. Um, not sure when I'll be crossing the river again, but I should already have a bag back there with my name on it. Surprise .... Oooh, I am so excited! THANK YOU!

Angela said...

You are the Leslie! We'll put it in your bag :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh well - I was hoping I was the Leslie - Congrats Leslie Hanna! from Leslie McLaughlin