Saturday, June 28, 2008

Card Two

This one was a bit more of a challenge. Because the Knot stamp by B Line Designs is a duo stamp, the images are not indexed anywhere. That makes it kind of hard to know what you're going to get. I thought this card would make an excellent "man card". You know how hard those are to come by. I stamped the words out first on white and used that as my "ruler" to know how far apart to space the knots. If you wanted to be really precise about this, you'd best use a stamp positioner. I just eyeballed it, and it turned out pretty good. I stamped the knot twice with Versamark and embossed with silver. I then used an x-acto knife to cut a slit around each knot on the inner edge so the words would tuck inside. Part of what makes this card so appealing is the decorative paper I stamped the knots on. It's a beautiful nautical paper by Far and Away, so you'll want to come into the shop and grab yours while supplies last - they've announced they are going out of business!


Nelda Deakins said...

Index the rubber stamp - its easy!
Microwave stamp about 10 seconds, immediately but gently pull off the
stamp; lay it on wax paper with die upwards. Ink it up with StazOn or other permanent ink; hold wood handle over inked stamp and gently press down to transer the inked image to back of wood handle. When ink is dry, reapply stamp to handle. Tackiness of adhesive will be strong enough to keep it applied to the wood. I've done this several times. nelda mc765 at charter .net

Angela said...

Hi Nelda,

Thank you for this wonderful tip! Unfortunately, what I didn't manage to make very clear in my original post was that this is a "duo stamp". So on the other side, where the index would go, is another stamp of a different kind of knot. Anyway, yours is a very good tip worth sharing!