Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monkey's in da House!

Aah. Summertime. Blazing heat, disastrous storms, global warming and out of control gas prices. It's not what it used to be is it? Don't you just long for the days of hanging by the pool and playing in the park?
Since it's too hot to do either, come stamp with us!
addendum: Angela just warned me to stop monkeying around and focus. I failed to mention that this is tomorrow's - Thursday's - free make and take. So come in tomorrow and make monkeys with us!


~*~Patty said...

That cute monkey is full of wisdom! Happy almost summer!

lori tyler said...

We had a great time visiting your store after the scrapbooking convention in Chantilly. We live 3 hours away, but it's worth a trip to your store, so we'll be back!