Sunday, February 7, 2010

Enough already with the snow!

Happy Sunday! Here's an update from the North Pole (I mean, from North Reston). The management is usually pretty good about clearing the parking lot, and given how much snow we got, that was no easy feat. The problem, of course, is what to do with all of that snow. So, while the parking lot was clear, all of the doors in the development were blocked.

I must say that with practice comes expertise, so I'm practically a professional snow shoveler at this point! I managed to clear a very respectable path and to get the door open. My fear (although really, how bad could this be) was that while I was inside they would come and plow snow back in front of the door and I would be trapped....trapped in a stamp store. Bummer!?!?

Our dear Paula was scheduled to work both Saturday and Sunday. She lives north of Baltimore, so I suggested she just stay home. But she is one dedicated Happy Stamper, so she came down Friday night and took a hotel room. She stopped by the shop first to pick up some emergency stamping supplies. Check out the fruits of her labor! These adorable stamps are from Inky Antics.

This is new paper and one of the Snag 'em stamps from Imaginisce (Snag 'em stamps are only $1). She actually spelled out the word "Wish" with self-adhesive gems. When I asked how long that took, she replied "I wasn't going anywhere". True, true!

This card also features new paper and a Snag 'em stamp from Imaginisce. The words are from a Hero Arts set. All of these things are available in the shop right now, so if you want us to hold something, send me an email. I'm happy to help you with your shopping even if you can't get out of your house yet! Hope you all are staying warm and busy!

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