Monday, February 22, 2010

Inking your Clear Stamps

Have you ever had a hard time inking up your clear stamps? Sometimes, the ink seems to bubble up or just sit on the top, making an even coverage next to impossible. Marvy has created a new line of markers to help solve this problem. Right now, they are only available in sets of 6 colors, but for most stamps, you'll want to use either brown or black to stamp the outline and then color in the image with pencils, etc. as needed. If you take the markers out of the set and toss them into your "marker drawer", you can still tell which ones are for clear stamps by their lids - they are a transparent color ("clear") so you'll know they are for clear stamps (although you can certainly color with them all the time, if you choose). Join Jenn this Tuesday from 12-2 for a FREE opportunity to play with these markers and see what you think.

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