Friday, February 19, 2010

Ode to my Olympic Buddy Angela

Guest blogger Laura here. I wanted to post a card dedicated to my Olympic buddy Angela. She and I have watched the coverage non-stop and have spent countless hours on the phone discussing every detail.

In honor of my buddy, I wanted to make a card that reflects our love of the Olympics. For my card, I colored the butterflies using the same colors on the Olympic flag and arranged them in the same order as the Olympic rings. I also chose a saying that I thought worked well with the spirit of the Olympics. The stamps, papers, and rhinestones are all by Memory Box.

So, thanks Angela for being my Olympic buddy. Somehow having someone else just as obsessed with the Olympics makes me feel less like a geek.


Angela said...

Wait! Did you stop watching at some point to make this card? Is that a sanctioned timeout? (It is a really great card, though).

purplepaint said...

Oh this is such a cool card!!! Love the colors and the 3D butterflies! Marva

Mitra said...

You girls crack me up. I was just saying to the girls this morning that the Olympics are KILLING me...I am compelled to watch every second, EVEN IF I KNOW THE RESULT. Sickness. I'll be so happy when it's over so I can sleep again.

Gorgeous card as always!