Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sending Smiles

For our FREE Thursday make-and-take, we're using the Hero Arts Four Dolls set. This set is so popular, we've had a very hard time keeping it in stock. This time, we hid it :-) So there should be some for your shopping pleasure. You'll notice the background is very soft - almost "fuzzy" looking. That's actually printed vellum. I took several shots of this picture because I kept thinking I was moving the camera - only to discover that it was NOT "user error". Join us for some fun that is sure to make you smile!

1 comment:

Leslie Hanna said...

Cute set! Wait - I think I already HAVE this one! :-)

I almost made it there yesterday, but the car complained it was HOT, so it is now at my mechanic's with the engine pulled. Close call. One of these days I'll make it and pick up all my STUFF!!!! :-)