Saturday, June 27, 2009

An evening with Impression Obsession

We had a full house and a great time! Poor Mitra (the owner of Impression Obsession rubber stamp company) had a heck of a time getting here from Williamsburg. Her company is scheduled to be in two conventions this weekend - one here at the Dulles Expo Center and one in Florida! So cars were being switched and keys exchanged and in all the craziness, Mitra arrived and completely WOWed us with her techniques. It one point, I just had to interrupt to lead a round of applause. She had tons of brilliant ideas I had never thought of before.

One of her ideas was for inking a stamp with multiple colors. We will often do that with markers, but then you have to stop and color again between every impression. That takes a long time if you're trying to mass produce. She showed us how to make a custom ink pad with the colors we want in it so we can just stamp over and over and over in much less time. Cut n Dry felt is my new best friend! In this photo, Mitra is demonstrating Flower Soft. She brought in a sample of the old fashioned Raggedy Ann doll with the hair Flower Softed in Poppy Red. It was absolutely stunning, and had I not been so enraptured with what she was saying, I would have remembered to get a picture. Sorry about that!

We very much hope to have her back soon. The travel schedule these artists maintain is completely crazy, so it's hard to say when. But, if you see a listing for her return, DO NOT miss it.

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