Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It can't be over!

The past four days of workshops with Fred B. Mullett were absolutely incredible! How can a person combine such artistry with such organizational prowess? His classes were four hours long, and crammed with information - the man's knowledge has no limit. But, he's been doing this long enough to know that in the midst of the four hours, there needs to be shopping and chocolate breaks and the occasional prize - and he provided all three!

I also loved his set up. You had seats to do your detailed work, but for the big, messy steps, he had a separate station where you could stand and "fling". It was nice for stretching, and also for keeping your own area relatively tidy. He brought in these risers for our tables to make standing and working very easy. I'm telling you, he's thought of everything!

At the end of four days, we had to hold each other up. It's a marathon! But, as they say, it's a good tired! We sold out of nearly everything we had, but I'm placing another order as I type (multi-tasker that I am). If you missed taking his classes, you might want to get a stamp sometime and give it a try. The images are very forgiving and are ideal for watercolor (or Twinks), coloring with markers, embossing, bleaching - virtually anything you can think of, his stamps can be used for. Oh what fun!

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