Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wall of Fame Challenge

OK, I'm a little intimidated to post a sample after our "guest" bloggers' cards below. Holy cow! First, a shout out to our Wall of Fame winner for September - congratulations Kathy Cummins! Our theme for October is "Sweet" cards. I took some of the Imaginisce Rub-ons to create this card. I made a little pocket, then attached a paper handle to the top with brads. I put the rub-on candy on the back of the card to look like it was sticking out of the bag, but it leaves the pocket free for a gift card or some other goodie. When you pull out the gift card or note, the candy appears. I had so many left over rub-ons that I just kept going. So far, I've created 4 additional cards, and I'm not done yet. So, that got me many cards could a person make with just the two sets of Imaginisce Halloween rub-ons and some paper? Are you interested in taking the challenge? This month, in addition to our regular Wall of Fame contest (in which you can use any stamps, paper or rub-ons), there will be an additional contest for those who wish to participate. Simply make as many cards as you can with the two sets of rub-ons (you'll have to purchase them, but we have lots). Bring one card in for the Wall of Fame but also bring a picture of all the others you made along with the total count. The winner of the rub-on contest will receive this cool "Boo" lace paper and Bling brads from Creative Imaginations. The Boo paper is missing a tiny piece in the corner - I brought it home from the trade show and the airplane "ate" part of it. So, let's see what you can do!


Cyndi said...

when I frist looked at this card I did not notice the white design is actually ghosts. How Cute!

cheryl mezzetti said...

Glad you liked the trade show! It was nice seeing you in orlando!