Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday's Demo

This Tuesday's FREE Learn at Lunch demo features "hanging" punches from Ecstasy Crafts. Our dear Jean called today and said she couldn't be with us tomorrow as her hip is really bothering her, so she asked me to come pick up the supplies and lead the demo in her absence. You can see from this sample that Jean made that she is one classy lady. Look how cute the stockings are hanging from the garland!

Of course, I took one look at the stocking punch, and my mind went in a totally different direction. I clearly need to take some "classy" lessons from Jean. Here's my take on the stocking punch....

Stop in tomorrow (Oct. 21) between 12 and 2 and see where your mind takes you! We'll be playing with the stocking punch and the shirt punch. Ecstacy also makes an ornament punch (so cute on large Christmas Tree stamps) and an apple punch (great for fall and for teachers!).

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Amber Teal Photography said...

I love the first one. I love them both of course but the first one is so awesome! I havn't done this stuff in years, and have no time, but i love looking at the craft!