Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Pooped :-)

Tonight's three hour marathon class was with My Sentiments Exactly. They thought we might be tired of making cards by now, so they came up with a bunch of different projects using home decor items. Really??? Is it even possible to be tired of card making? And, how am I supposed to get all this cute 3-D stuff home in my suitcase? I'm thinking about leaving my dirty clothes and toothbrush here in Florida. That stuff can be replaced :-) Anyway, this project is a wooden letter H (for Ho and Holiday and Happy Stamper and HELP!) covered with Tinkering Ink paper, ribbon and stamps. The cool bird in the upper right hand corner is a Heidi Swapp clear bird that we stamped with white acrylic paint - waited and waited and waited until it was dry - then sponged on some green acrylic paint and waited and waited and waited. You get the idea. Waiting this late at night leads to some nap taking....and too many people around here have cameras. Let me know as you surf the Internet if you see any pictures of me snoring or drooling.


Nikki said...

Having been in your shop and then tried to pack my bags, I strongly suggest you do what I do --pack all the goodies and mail the dirty clothes!

Deirdre said...

The effect with the bird is beautiful, but the waiting to dry part sounds like it sucked - even for us night owls, days usually start too early to have late night classes that have too many challenging aspects. Hope everything packed up ok. FLat pakcs well, 3D not so much.

Glad it sounds like you've had a great time! Hope to see you soon. said...

Being at a Rubber Stamping Convention sounds like "the Ultimate" make-and-take crafting vacation!! Being on a cruise line and stamping is the only other idea that could top it!! Enjoy! Thanks again for the FUN on your anniversary. Sincerely, Cindy Murray