Friday, March 28, 2008

Cool New Stuff

We've had a couple of classes now. This will be short as I'm headed off to my Outlines class in a minute! We're going to be using this cool new x-acto knife that fits over your finger so you cut with it like you'd write with a pencil. I can't wait to actually try this and see if it's LOTS better for those who are "x-acto challenged". If I love it, I'll buy lots and we'll play with it in my Outlines classes on April 23 & 24! I'll continue to keep you all posted!


Laura said...

Why do I have a horrible feeling that you were talking to me when you used the phase "x-acto challenged?" Call me paranoid.

Donna said...

No Laura, rest assured, they were talking about me. And, if not, then I've just outed myself. Worst x-acto wielder ever! It's amazing I have fingers left. So, come sit next to me the next time we have to use sharp objects, you'll feel like a brain surgeon, promise. (Oh, and bring some band-aids, will ya? Never hurts to have friends with spares.)