Monday, January 6, 2014's colder than the bottom of the sea!

Goodness!  The Farmer's Almanac said this would be a rough winter, and so far it's proven right!  Tuesday is supposed to be cold, but we'll have the heat cranked, so come over and enjoy some warm company!  For Tuesday's FREE Learn at Lunch demo, I will be sharing tips for working with HoneyPop.  One of the things I love about the HoneyPop sets is that you can use the stamps without the HoneyPop paper to make a quick card.  You know I'm all about getting a lot of bang for the buck!

But, I especially LOVE the extra pizzazz you get when you use HoneyPop on the inside of the card!  It looks so hard, and yet it isn't!  That's my second most favorite crafting thing :-)  Inky Antics has added a new feature to their sets.  Each one now comes with a HoneyPop image that allows you to create borders too.  So it can be used on the front of the cards as well.  Wahoo!

Join me between 12 and 2 tomorrow to find out more!  And, while you're here, spend $25 in merchandise or classes and pick up your 2014 Coupon Card.  You can save lots of money!  Yay!

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