Monday, January 27, 2014

Bleach Job!

 Believe it or not, it's sometimes quicker to remove color than to add it.  And, bleaching is a fabulous way to do just that!  Join Angela this Tuesday, January 28, between 12 & 2 to find out more.  We'll talk about what paper works best, how to change the color you get simply by changing the strength of the bleach, and lots of other do's and do not's.  You do not want to miss this demo, and you'll get a chance to play yourself.  But keep in mind - this is actual bleach, so dress accordingly or plan to be careful.  Remember, there is no registration required, so just come on in!!!!


Marla said...

Thanks. Had a great time and learned a new technique!

Angela said...

Hi Marla! Thanks for joining us. I hope you'll come back. We always have a bunch of fun on Tuesday afternoons.