Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crafty Weekend?

Greetings stampers!  Can you believe that it is already Memorial Day weekend?  I hope you have something good planned, whether it is a trip to the beach, a barbeque, or a weekend of stamping.  We are open Saturday and Sunday if you need some new "toys" to play with this weekend, but we are closed Monday for the holiday.

If you want a place to craft and be messy, we don't have classes scheduled this weekend, so the classroom is free if you want to bring your stuff to the store and work on your projects.

I saw a couple of videos lately that I want to share with you.  The first one is a new video by Ranger and their designer Dina Wakley.  The video shows how to use her new paints to create a mixed-media tag.  What I really liked was her explanation of how to incorporate the white paint for highlights and why she uses a dark blue instead of black for shadows. If you want to see the video on YouTube, you can find it here:  If you are interested in the products, we have the paints, brushes, and stamps at the store.

Another video I want to share is an introduction to the Peerless Watercolor packs.  They are a hot item right now, and we are anxiously awaiting them at the store.  If you are interested in any of the packs, we hope you will consider buying them from us.  Call the store and let us know if you want us to hold any of the packs for you.  What makes these watercolors special is the intense, vibrant color you can get and the amazing blendability of the paints.  If you want to see the video directly on YouTube, you can see it here:


Anonymous said...

How much does the basic peerless set cost? And also the 40 squares set?

Happy Stamper said...

Hello! The basic set is $14, and Peerless offers both a large and small 40 pack set. We decided to purchase the large set for the store (which retails for $40) because the small set costs extra to have the colors labeled (retails for about $30). The large set has more than twice the amount of paint, and is only $10 more, so we decided to go with that. We would rather pay for the paint than the printing! Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.