Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No Interference!

Marilynn and I went to a trade show at the end of April, and one of the products we were SO excited about was Wow Embossing Powder, by a company in the UK!  Their powders have a wonderful range of colors, and they don't flake off easily (they are almost "flexible).  For Thursday's make-and-take, we are playing with the "Pearl" colors, which behave like "interference" colors - the darker the cardstock, the more you will see the opalescent colors!  This card uses a medium cardstock, so the green is just a hint of color.  But Marilynn has also prepared other samples for you to look at that show the intensity of the color on much darker cardstock.  So so cool!  Stop in, make this fabulous summer greeting to share with a friend, and see a new product that we are extremely excited about!!! 

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