Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Dance

Hi guys, Laura here. I titled the post the way I did because a lot of product just arrived at the store that I specifically wanted. I did a little happy dance, hugged my new "toys," then made sure it was all entered.

First, PanPastels. We have had them in the store before, but now we can get them as individual colors as well as sets. Aren't they beautiful?

What are PanPastels you ask? PanPastels are artist quality dry pastels that are ultra soft, super creamy, and are so easy to mix, blend, and layer as you would paints. They are highly pigmented, and can be ERASED completely if you make a mistake. Marilynn and I are both planning to use them in our classes.

Here are a couple of hints about PanPastels:

  1. You need very little color on your sponge. If you are creating a lot of "dust," then you are rubbing too hard. Believe me, a little goes a long way.
  2. Try them with those plastic stencils that a lot of companies are making right now. You will love the results!
  3. You can tint or shade a color by adding a little white, black, or grey pastel.
  4. Although you could use a cosmetic sponge with the pastels, it isn't the best tool. Cosmetic sponges suck up a lot of the pastels, so a lot is wasted. Have you ever washed a cosmetic sponge and were amazed by how much foundation came out of it? Same thing. It is better to use sponges that are meant to go with pastels:

The second product I am really excited about are Zig "Wink of Stella" brush markers. They are liquid glitter pens that allow you to add "controlled glitter" to your project. It dries really fast, and the glitter doesn't come off the paper. As you can see from the picture below, the pen looks and acts just like a waterbrush. The brush tip also allows you to make thin or thick lines.

Here are some pictures of the black and clear pens on paper:

And on colored paper:

Hope you are as excited about the new products as I am!


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