Friday, August 24, 2012

Toadily Awesome!

Want a card that "pops"? 

Jenn and I were talking about the process we used to go through (back in the day....) where we would wind 20 gauge thread around a pencil to create our own springs.  Thank goodness those days are OVER!  Action Wobbles are quick and easy to use (they're even self-adhesive), and they fold completely flat - perfect for the insides of cards, scrapbooks or envelopes.  Plus, they have a LOT of action.  They not only spring, they a bobble head.  I warn you - you'll want to put them on everything once you see how easy and fun they are to use!

Join us this Tuesday from 12 - 2 to make this cute little tag for yourself.  While you're at it, wish our dear, sweet Jenn good luck as she tackles the "real world".  This Tuesday will be her last as our fearless Technique Tag Tuesday leader.  She has been a creative JOY to work with for the past 3 years!  Bon Voyage!

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