Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thursday's make-and-take and other treats!

So, lost in the news of the trade show that Laura and I attended last weekend is the trade show that Marilynn attended earlier in the month. If you want to read more about her adventures and see lots of card samples, be sure to visit her blog! While she was at that show, she fell in love with the Irojiten Colored Pencils by Tombo. They are like Prismacolors, except the lead is firmer, and Marilynn just raved about them. We just received them at the store, and we have them ready for you to try them out! Join us this Thursday between 10 & 8 to make this fabulous card featuring the new pencils as well as new stamps by Stampendous and new ribbon by Morex.

Wanna see some different ways to use the same Stampendous stamps? Check out this box that Marilynn also made at the show. Stunning, isn't it?!?

And, Marilynn also ordered tons of ribbon which has also arrived! These are just a few of the other beauties we have - there is literally ribbon everywhere in the shop. Come see!

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