Monday, June 20, 2011

Another New Marker?

I think what I've learned after so many years in this hobby, is that there are always more tools you need to help you get the job done right! I LOVE my Memento Markers and my Copic markers, but now I also LOVE the Big Brush markers from Faber-Castell. What's the difference? Mementos are water-based and match the Memento ink pads (handy for filling in stamping boo-boos). Copics are alcohol ink markers and will dry on everything! Big Brush markers are India Ink - almost like a hybrid marker! They are wet enough to do "direct-to-rubber" yet dry permanently! And, they don't bleed through the paper like Copics do. My favorite things about them is their nib. It's kind of a "hard brush", so you don't have to be dainty when you use it and it stays nice and firm. Stop in Tuesday between 12-2 and see why I'm convinced you'll need "another new marker"!!!!

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