Monday, April 25, 2011

Layering StazOn

Introducing yet another new product from Tsukineko - GlazOn! StazOn is a wonderful solvent ink that dries on virtually any surface, making it the perfect medium for coloring on tiles, glass or metal. However, if you try to layer colors, sometimes you will get a muddy appearance. That problem has been solved with this new addition to the StazOn family - GlazOn! Simply apply your first layer of StazOn ink and let dry (or heat set). Then apply a thin layer of GlazOn - the thinner the better - and let that dry. Then apply your next layer of StazOn. Colors stay true and crisp! And, GlazOn can also be used for collage work - it will hold small charms and beads to your project as well. Also, use it as a sealant for your finished work. Practical and versatile! Stop in Tuesday and give it a try for yourself!

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