Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun with Michael deMeng!

We had a wonderful series of workshops last week with artist extraordinaire Michael deMeng. He has developed amazing techniques for mixing and working with paint to create unique and unusual effects. In fact, most of the "rusty objects" were neither old or rusty. Fascinating!

At the end of each workshop, Michael lined up all the pieces (finished or not) and offered his critiques - in a helpful, not critical, way. I LOVED this because all of the pieces were so incredibly different, and it was good to see them all and hear what each student was "thinking" as she worked on her piece. Michael then pointed out little details that we wouldn't have noticed otherwise. It was a very validating way to end each day.

At the meet and greet Tuesday evening, Michael shared stories of his travels to Mexico that have so inspired his art recently. It was a cross between a travelogue and a ghost story. Fun, fun, fun! It is a privilege and an honor to bring such a diverse group of talented artists to Northern Virginia. And we have much more to come this summer! While I believe (and, of course, I'm not biased at all.....) that we have the most talented group of local instructors assembled anywhere, it is a different experience to take a workshop with visiting artists - one you shouldn't miss!


~*~Patty said...

I cannot thank you enough for having Michael teach not one but TWO amazing workshops Angela! It was incredible!!! He is the kind of artiste you want to study with again and again!
Many thanks to you!

Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

It was an amazing class. I look forward to taking more classes at Angela's.