Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let's Get Shakin!

In Donna's 2nd Impression Obsession class, she got to play with their new Shaker cards. These are narrow plastic boxes in squares and circles to make Shakers cards super easy. The overlay fit right over the top. Donna embellished the overlays with IO's new background stamps. One of the fun things with Shaker cards is all the different things you can fill them with. This one is filled with the Autumn Flower Soft.

We have both the background stamps and the shaker boxes at the shop (they came in on Saturday!) So, if you are inspired, come in and get some to play with!

This one is actually filled with sand from the beach. I'm picturing you can do all sorts of fun things - and not just for cards! What about saving some sand in your beach scrapbook or some hair from baby's first haircut?!? So many possibilities!

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