Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Day of Surprises!

On a day where we were already having a ton of fun, I had even more pleasant surprises come my way! First, our dear Jean surprised us all by driving herself over to the shop and walking in the door with no aids at all! This is 4 1/2 weeks after knee replacement! She's amazing! I say this with no fear that she will get a swelled head - all the swelling is in her knee instead! (She said I could share that "lame" joke). She's looking forward to getting back to her demo routine in the next few weeks, so watch the web site for that.

Then, I got a call from Fred Mullet. He asked, "How many people can your classroom hold?" I said, "Well, there are 20 people in there right now." "Oh!" he said, "That's too many." He's planning to come lead a series of workshops in the May - July timeframe (he's working out the schedule), and his classes will be limited to only 12 people. I'll keep you posted so you don't miss out.

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