Saturday, February 21, 2009

Claudine and Leslie

We are having so much fun today at the shop! Claudine Hellmuth and Leslie Riley are both here today leading a series of workshops. We are fortunate to have two talented artists basically here in the neighborhood! Claudine's workshop is an 8 x8 canvas filled with smaller 2 x 2 canvases that each feature a different technique using her new Studio Paints and accessories. Later today, Leslie will be showing us how to work with Lutradur - we'll be making a mini-book. I asked Leslie where Lutradur came from. She said, "Have you ever laid under the bed and looked up at the bottom of your mattress?" - but apparently if I had, I would have seen Lutradur! We "crafty" people sure love to find inspiration in different places!

One of the things I love about the way both of these artists teach is their step-by-step, personal approach. We are excited to have both of them back soon - and often!

Having the 3 of us standing together brought out the "paparazzi". Which, of course, lead to discussions of Paris Hilton, who now has her own line of scrapbook papers. However, I don't think she'll be teaching here any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Angela, I had such a wonderful time in Claudine's class this morning! Please get her back for a full day of fun! Thanks for continuing to bring us the best of the best!

Teri :-) said...

It was great fun to come all of the way from Ohio to visit your store , see Claudine, buy her book, and shop in your store! You have a wonderful variety of goodies that make any stamper a success!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Paris Hilton...scrapbook paper...wonderful classes... oh I'm missing everything!

What a darling picture of you three, great smiles and wonderful colors!

I was SO sorry to miss Lesley and Claudine's classes, timing is everything! Looking forward to another chance in the hopefully near future!

M said...

Angela - the day was way too much fun and I loved every minute. I was finally able to finish my Lesley book with that incredible material. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to all of us! I know I speak for all when I say, "WE LOVE YOU!" Marlynn