Friday, July 1, 2016

Echo Park Paper and Holiday Weekend

Hi everyone.  Laura here.  I wanted to share with you the new line of paper I asked Angela to get for my 10 in 10 beach class next weekend.  It is called "Lets be Mermaids" from Echo Park.  Mermaids seem to be the hot itme this summer since all the stamp companies seem to have their version.  This paper wil definitely go with all of it.  If you are home this weekend, why not stop by the store and pick up some of this bright, happy collection of Summer papers.  I know I personally love to have a holiday weekend to do some crafting!  A reminder though... we are closed on Monday the 4th, so if there are supplies you need, be sure to stop by the store Saturday or Sunday.

Lets be Mermaids paper:

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