Sunday, May 22, 2016

Graphic 45- Hallowe'en in Wonderland

Graphic 45 is always ahead of the game.  They just released their Halloween collection.  The great thing about this line of paper is that it could be used for Halloween, but a lot of the individual sheets are generic enough that they can be used year-round.  The collection should also appeal to anyone who is a fan of Alice in Wonderland.

A note about buying paper....  as you know, we try to keep our store packed with new releases of paper.  We tend to order the latest collections rather than restocking older lines.  It is usually pretty easy for us to order collection packs for you if you missed them the first time around, but it is very difficult for us to reorder individual sheets from a particular collection.  We would have to place a large order just to get a couple sheets of paper.  Plus, any leftover paper from a reorder doesn't sell well since it is paper people have already seen.   Therefore, I HIGHLY encourage you to buy individual sheets of this collection now if anything appeals to you.  We can order the collection packs for you at any time, but we many not be able to restock the individual sheets.

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