Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gift Cerificates

Need a Christmas gift idea for yourself or someone else? How about a gift certificate from the Happy Stamper? It can be used for crafting supplies as well as classes, so it is definitely versatile! Don't forget that the big CHA show is coming up soon and it is good to be prepared. :)
There are so many ways to get our gift cards either in person at the store or by phone or email. Your significant can easily shop for you. Here is how:

1. Have your friends/family call the shop. 703-657-2952. We can take their order over the phone and mail or email the Gift Certificate out.

2. Have them stop by the store. We love meeting your friends and family.

3. They can also send a credit card payment in any amount through PayPal to this email address: . In the notes section, they should type: Gift Certificate for "Your Name". We will email them the Gift Certificate and they can print it out just for you. We can also mail it to them if they provide a mailing address (and they provide enough time for first class mail). Or, we can hold it here for your next visit, if that is more convenient.

It's so easy to get exactly what you want for Christmas and support your Local Stamp Store at the same time!





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