Monday, November 11, 2013

Have it your way!

 From the land of "you can never have enough"....

I love the stunning glitters by Elizabeth Crafts.  The colors are so yummy - I just want more!  So, Els has created this fabulous recipe sheet to mix your own custom colors (and she even has the handy measuring spoon, so your colors will come out exact!).  I love how, by mixing, you get a new shade that blends beautifully with the colors you are already using - to make shading and coordinating a breeze!  And, don't be shy - you can come up with your own stunning color combinations, too!

Join me this Tuesday between 12-2 and create this coffee-themed glitter card.  We'll be talking about blending, coloring with Copics and all kinds of other ways to use the glitter.  Bring a notepad if you like.  As always, this event is free and you don't need to pre-register!  See you then!

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