Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fixing Copic Markers

You may have noticed that Ciao Copic markers have an "inner cap" on the inside of each cap. If you put the cap on wrong and the chisel side snags that inner cap, it will split the nib. The problem with a split chisel nib is that it will often prevent the cap from fitting on the marker correctly. If that happens, it will dry out your marker.

The good news is that you can buy a pack or replacement chisel nibs at the store. We also offer a repair service at the store. Simply bring in your pen and drop it off as part of our refill service, and we will replace the chisel for 75 cents. It is a good idea to get the pen refilled at the same time if the cap wasn't fitting correctly. All pricing and drop off information for our Copic refill/repair service is tabbed at the top of this blog.

Here is a pict of a damaged chisel (sorry it is out of focus):

And the repaired chisel:



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