Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Combo Card!

That Marilynn! She's very crafty - and by that I mean "sly". This stamp, by Magenta, features an open vase. There are a couple of ways to create a pattern on an open image. One is to stamp on patterned paper. But what if your patterned paper is the wrong color? Or the wrong pattern? Or so fantastic that you can't bear to stamp on it and cut it up (which is the problem I have all the time, but I digress). What Marilynn chose to do was combine the stamp with a stencil. She used a brass stencil and markers to create the stripes on the vase. She then used the same markers, direct-to-rubber, to color and stamp the image so that everything matches perfectly. Easy, pretty and yet another way to use items in a new way. Crafty, right???!!! Stop by and make this card on Thursday between 10 - 8. It's FREE!

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