Monday, July 4, 2011

Techniques with Solid Stamps

For this week's Technique Tag Tuesday demo, you'll make 2 tags instead of just one, because Jenn thought of too many techniques for using solid stamps to limit herself :-) In the card on the left, Jenn used a "rock n roll" technique to color the solid leaf stamp. In the card on the right, she used the "kissing" technique. Want to know more? Join us Tuesday between 12 and 2 and let Jenn show you all the fun you can have with solid stamps!

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Gina G. said...

Hey Angela - thought you were closed today...doesn't that mean no work? WAIT - art isn't's happy time!!!

So, I don't know what you'll be doing in Springfield, IL on October 1st but I'll have you know I signed up for everything...maybe we could make cupcakes and pies along with books!

Looking forward to seeing you and taking whatever it is you decided to teach...something Halloween themed? Gina G - Springfield, IL where Prairie Art Stamps & Supplies rules!