Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Community Outreach update

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post (about the Learn at Lunch demo, which is posted just below) to share the results of our collection efforts last week for Alpha's Glory. As you can see, the director of the pregnancy crisis center was delighted - and she's standing next to only a fraction of what you all so generously donated! Paula reported that the volunteers were literally ripping open the diaper packages as they were brought in and handing them out to their clients. Their shelves were that bare! So, a great big thank you once again for joining our little community to reach out to the bigger community. We appreciate you!


Monica said...

What a noble and kind thing to do... Thanks for putting up the picture.

I make cards for charity and really enjoy it - specially when it is time to count the sale proceeds. Since we live in Indonesia there are ample oppurtunities to help for which I am so grateful.

I love visiting your blog and admiring your lovely creations.

Angela said...

And we love having you as such an active part of our community, even though you are so far away! Thanks for checking in with us :-) And keep up your good work!