Saturday, April 18, 2009


We are having such a good time today! Not only do we have the joy of learning cool papercrafting techniques with one of the best in the business - Cherryl Moote - but we are also unloading boxes like lunatics! First, my review of Cherryl so far...she is simply full of knowledge! Not only are her projects cool, but it's the little tips that make her classes so fantastic. Here she is showing us how to account on our ruler for the difference in width between drawing a line or scoring (the bone folder is wider than a pencil and that needs to be accounted for when measuring)! The other fun thing about classes is getting to know the person - Cherryl is from Canada and is on a CURLING team! Do you know anyone in person who is on a curling team???? Fascinating!

Now, on to the boxes. If you've been watching the What's New page on the website, you know that we've already opened a ton of boxes recently. We've got the two new A Muse releases and the new Memory Box release, to name a few. But for every box we open, two more arrive! I actually said to Rory (our UPS hero) that he should feel free to just stop by sometime - he doesn't always have to come bearing "gifts". He laughed because he knows I don't mean it! Please feel free to come in and make your purchases as we open the boxes. If you give the new stuff a good home, that means we don't have to figure out where to put it here :-) Also, because we've received so many new things, please note that the new things are NOT just in the "new" area. The entire store has become the "new" area, so look in every nook and cranny. See you soon!

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Leslie Hanna said...

Okay, everyone: GO TO THE STORE AND SHOP! I just did and I even left some stuff for everyone else.