Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So Much Happening!

Guest blogger Laura here. I thought you guys would like an update on the store. As you can see from the picts, there is a LOT happening "behind the scenes." I know you guys are dying to check out the renovations and spend your gift certificates, but please be patient with us. We still don't know if we can open on Jan 1st, or if it will be Jan 2nd. It all depends on how smoothly things run tomorrow. I will update the blog tomorrow night with our reopening date.

The first picture is one I lovingly call, "hey, where did the classroom go?" I promise you, it is in there somewhere. We had to move everything to paint the floors and are still in the process of putting it all back.

This is another picture of the classroom taken from the vantage point of the Accu-Cut machine. I was imprisoned here this morning and released once I had put the Accu-Cut area back together. Those dies are heavy! I hurt in places I didn't even know were on my body.

Yet another picture of the classroom. You can see some of the shelving that was added to the walls.

This is Marilynn after a donut and coffee. I said, "look happy," and this is what I got. That saying about being careful what you ask for is so true. Notice that we can now hang merchandise in the area between the bathroom and the office. Marilynn worked very hard today to move all the punches there.

I think the register is behind all this stuff. I am not sure.

Angela and her dad working to assemble the new Copic area. It is fabulous!

All of the blue displays had to be emptied before they were moved. These are two I worked on today. The bad thing about moving so much inventory is that I kept finding things I need to have. Notice Angela's brother in the background (or at least his legs). You wouldn't believe how many things we made Steve move, assemble, or fix today.

I know it all looks like a mess for now, but these pictures were taken early today and the store already looks much, much better. There is still a lot to do tomorrow though. Wish us luck finishing it all!


GiftsByHeidi said...

Wow! It looks great! Can't wait to see it when all the renovations are done. I know you guys are working hard on it!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe all that has been done. Can't wait to see it. Sounds like everyone is working very hard. Bet you sleep well at night!

leslie h (in MD) said...

Woo-hoo! And I took Friday off, so maybe I can cross the river and check out the new look!

Diane O. said...

What a production! I'm about 3 hours away so I'm not a regular customer. Hope to see you the end of Jan.

Mel G said...

Wow!! I'm only 20 minutes away, I can't wait to see the new space!! Keep up the hard work guys!!

A Stroke Above said...

This looks like Heaven to me. Wish I didn't live all the way in Tx. Do you have samples? Just kidding. I wanted to give you wishes for great things for 2009! You are off to a great start! Linda Crowder