Friday, May 23, 2008

The Big Day is Almost Here!

I have been looking forward to next weekend since Mother's Day weekend last year - the last time Dee Gruenig was here! I've been stamping for about 10 years. Laura's been stamping since 1995. Marilynn started stamping in about 1986 (give or take), but Dee has us all beat! She's been stamping since the late 70s and yet is still on the cutting edge. She was one of the first to convert to unmounted stamps using the EZ Mount system, and she just keeps right on innovating! She called me today to ask how long we had scheduled her to demo on Friday night (May 30 from 6 - 8 PM). When I told her "2 hours", she said, "Oh, I'll have to work quickly. I have so much I want to show them!" Such enthusiasm and such talent! It is rare that Dee teaches at stores any more. She is kept very busy with her convention appearances and her craft cruises. If you haven't reserved your space, I urge you not to miss out. I guarantee you will learn more than you ever imagined, and you will learn it from one of the founders of the entire industry!

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Linda B. said...

It was really great working with Dee. Thanks Angela, for having her. She was an absolute delight!!