Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Favorite Product of the Week

Bling Bling. Mahnaaz's favorite thing of the week..

I was so excited when Angela said I could write about all the reasons that I love Bling. First, he's super cute. Second, he does the cutest tricks for cheese. In fact, he'll do anything for [interruption] umm...hmmm (see below)

Right, so, that bling. Makes more sense. Oops!

I love BLING. I can say it louder if you want. Not only is it shiny - for all you other magpies out there - it will cover any mistake, ink smudge and oops that threatens to ruin your projects.

And boy did we get in bling this week. Big bling, little bling, round bling, flower bling, clear bling, colored bling, bling bling; seriously, so much bling. If you feel like your card is missing that last little touch, you should probably come in and pick up a pack of bling. It's exactly what you need.

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